Grow revenue and improve user experience by making shopping and purchasing easier

HighWire Commerce makes it easier to sell digital content to your users without disrupting their workflow. With easily locatable add‐to‐cart buttons and a persistent shopping cart, researchers can collect articles across a publisher’s journal and book sites and quickly purchase any for which they do not have access.

Simple, flexible pricing models

Publishers are able to price strategically by setting variable pricing at multiple access levels, whether issue, article, book, or chapter.

HighWire Commerce supports loyalty reward schemes with coupons and volume discounts.

Publishers are given peace of mind with multiple, secure, PCI compliant merchant gateways, and can stay up to date with real‐time HTML reporting to view transactions, save time with quick and easy tax set up, collection, and reporting (including automatic VAT collection for the European Union)

There are huge changes occurring in scholarly publishing, and consumer expectations for accessing academic content are shifting rapidly. That is why we built this system dedicated to delivering a better experience for the end-user, as well as providing greater flexibility for publishers to control access, identify users and the institutions they work with.

Dan Filby, CEO, HighWire

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