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The expectations of your end-users in today’s digital world move at a phenomenal pace. Using advanced analytics, design and user experience (UX) expertise and best practice implementation, HighWire Consulting can help you to meet and exceed those expectations, now and in the future.

Deciding which technology solution to invest in can be challenging enough, knowing how you’re going to get the best out of the technology to ensure you meet your goals can be another challenge all together. At HighWire, we recognize this. Our HighWire Consulting team offers independent support and advice, as well as consultancy on how to maximize your investments in HighWire solutions.

Turning data and information into tangible results

In an increasingly connected world, the data you can gather on your products and your users is increasing exponentially. The challenge for many organizations is how to turn data to information to knowledge and ultimately wisdom. All HighWire solutions come with advanced reporting capabilities. Our HighWire Consulting team can help you turn this data and information into usable knowledge that will drive tangible improvements in the performance of your publications.

The consulting services that HighWire provides are invaluable to our customers, from supporting an RFP process to identify a digital publishing partner or getting insight and advice on a journal's impact and site usage. The analysis and strategies HighWire delivers amalgamates years of experience in the scholarly publishing industry into a focused, evidence based and actionable strategy.

Dan Filby, CEO, HighWire

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