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HighWire Hosting is delivered through a range of solutions that help simplify the publishing process, widen the reach, deepen the impact, and accelerate the exchange of ideas.

Scolaris is the award-winning integrated content platform that enables you to easily publish large, unique and diverse content sets across books and journals.

JCore is a specialized journal platform with a powerful content ingestion and enrichment infrastructure.

Custom Collection Toolkit is an easy‐to‐use application that enables you to quickly curate journal articles, books, and book chapters into collections complete with their own landing pages.

Meeting Abstracts enables you to make your meeting and event content more discoverable, boosting awareness beforehand and promoting groundbreaking findings afterward.

Express enables you and approved third parties to automatically load and update multiple content types based on your specific publishing rules.

Future proof your technology investment

HighWire’s intelligent publishing platform is a unique next-generation digital solution designed to evolve to meet the fast-changing expectations of your online users.

Using open architecture, the intelligent publishing platform delivers innovative digital assets that work together to create superior user experiences, remarkable engagement and exciting new revenue opportunities, now and long into the future.

HighWire Hosting forms the backbone of the intelligent publishing platform, giving publishers a range of customizable solutions that help you upload, curate and publish multiple content types, from text to video and image to data.

To realize our new digital-first approach to publication, we needed an expert partner, and HighWire provides insight, assistance, and a fresh approach that help our publishing workflows meet the needs of our members and readers.

Dr. Perry Scanlan, Editor-in-Chief, Clinical Laboratory Science

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